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Shaye Areheart Books (2004)
Hardcover: 320 pages
ISBN: 1400045363

Vintage (2005)
Paperback: 320 pages
ISBN: 1400030692

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Named one of the best books of 2004 by the Los Angeles Times

Frank Kohler is ready to snap. He is capable of love, but he knows time is running out. His mother was brutally murdered, and he never knew his father. With each passing day he perceives his anger with an almost religious sense of beauty. In an attempt to save himself, he decides to marry a mail-order bride from Russia.

Russell Boyd is a state trooper who resists those acts that damage life forever. He has seen about as much of them as he can take. And yet, he has met the woman who makes him feel whole. She is the center of his life.

Frank Kohler’s and Russell Boyd’s paths will cross three times. And the third time will change everything. It is the moment when the line between good and evil is made dramatically clear.

As with such modern classics as Dennis Lehane’s Mystic River and Graham Greene’s The Heart of the Matter, Craig Nova gives us an illuminating story of characters who struggle against the collisions of fate, and who are motivated by the touching need to be human.


“Nova executes like a chess master, all the while ratcheting up the tension and calling into question any sense of security, order, or reason. Like the best of noir, Nova’s unsettling novels, serpentine in their structure, speed, and toxic bite, remind us that while dark forces are always present, we must embrace love.”
– Booklist

Cruisers just made me hold my breath. It's so intense, it blew me away. Sentence by sentence, the book is just fabulous.”
– Ann Beattie

“Thrilling, intense, as arresting as blue lights flashing in the rear view mirror, Craig Nova's Cruisers takes the reader on a high speed chase through a psychological landscape that is by turns menacing, violent, and inexplicably tender. This is a powerful novel, comparable to Graham Greene in the complexity of its moral vision, yet Nova's prose is thoroughly American, as straightforward and seductive as the fate that steadily draws his characters into firing range of each other. Craig Nova is a great writer and this is his best book yet. I couldn't put it down.”
– Valerie Martin, author of Property and Mary Reilly

“Craig Nova’s new novel, Cruisers, is a beautifully written exploration of terrorism and subverted love. Frank Kohler is the most frightening literary madman since Hannibal Lecter, and Russell Boyd is the most real and engaging police officer in recent fiction. With Cruisers, acclaimed novelist Craig Nova has taken us into the very heart of the senseless violence besetting our times, and miraculously, out the other side again into hope and redemption.”
Howard Frank Mosher, author of Waiting for Teddy Williams

“Few novelists plumb as deeply as Craig Nova what it means to be human: Our flaws, our joys, and the way every day offers a mixture of hope and dread. Cruisers, like Nova’s other work, is rich with the small, beautifully imagined details that make up a life. It is also, however, an absolutely riveting, page-turning drama. You will never look at a state trooper quite the same way again after reading this extraordinary book.”
Chris Bohjalian, bestselling author of Midwives and The Buffalo Soldier


As of May 2008, the film adaptation of Cruisers is in development by producer Jordan Bloch.